THIS WEEK: The Brussels bombings has put an impact on the pound as well as the euro. The outcome is rising chances of a Brexit.
US Non-Form Payrolls expects 208,000 jobs in March 2016 in comparison with February 242,000. This may higher the level of uncertainty. Canadian economy's weakness in 2015 continues to weigh in 2016 as crude oil prices declined below $30 a barrel. This may weakens Canadian Dollar.

Flat Down Up Uncertain


This Friday Gold fell for a fourth consecutive session.This head for the biggest weekly drop since December 2011, as global concerns damped demand on shares and commodities. The gold was affected by the aforesaid factors which pushed it down tremendously on Thursday's session.

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Crude Oil

Crude Oil prices declined 3.14% against the USD for the 24 hour period ending 23:00GMT.The oil  closed at 78.36 on speculation that demand for crude oil would curb following weak economic data around the globe.

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